As a Junior Enterprise in the healthcare area, we work daily to support, educate and raise awareness in the community that surrounds us.

The main goals of this pillar are to:

  • Fight against health illiteracy through the promotion of reliable and qualified information in a free and accessible way;
  • Raise awareness to topics that we consider to be relevant and/or under-explored;
  • Ensure and develop projects or initiatives that promote approximation to scientific research.

We are sure and aware that the impact LisbonPH can have has a lot of potential outside our main sphere of action. LisbonPH has developed a plan of social volunteering and support to solidarity causes that allows us not only to raise awareness among our members as future Health Professionals, but also to have a social impact and foster mutual assistance to the community.

The main goals of this pillar are to:

  • Participate in voluntary actions of a social, environmental and economic nature;
  • Provide monetary support to actions and initiatives that promote behaviors and projects with which LisbonPH identifies;
  • Promote and foster a sense of cooperation and mutual assistance among the LisbonPH’ s members as future Health Professionals.

Aware that we are the transformation we want to see in the world, we take responsibility for the preservation of the environment, managing the use of our resources through our logistics system that allows us to measure its profitability, as well as the environmental impact. Our ambition is to always develop projects with a more sustainable consumption.

The main goals of this pillar are to:

  • Promote best management practices and minimize waste;
  • Reduce the environmental impact of LisbonPH’s services and projects, through the adoption of responsible behaviors and attitudes;
  • Satisfy our current needs without harming those of future generations.



LisbonPH is fully committed to providing high-quality services.


We always put the needs and well-being of our customers and partners first.


Most recognized Junior Enterprise on a national and european level in social responsibility and sustainability categories.


We believe that we can not only contribute significantly to the sustainable and efficient development of our resources and to the optimization of processes, but also motivate other entities to have the same realization and operate with the same mindset.

UNTIL 2022:

We are always ready to embrace new social causes.

Count on us to see this transformation take action together!