Tiago Jorge Dias

Founded on the 23rd December 2013, LisbonPH was created under a clear vision: gathering a team of dynamic and eager to grow young professionals, and contribute for the training of the Healthcare Professional of the future, an increasingly capable and competitive professional in the job market due to his entrepreneurial, creative and multidisciplinary nature.

Today, 7 years after its foundation, LisbonPH continues to grow ambitiously, even during the challenging times we have to face due to the pandemic situation: more than 180 external projects were closed, more than 24.000 Healthcare Professionals were formed in high value initiatives and activities, with a big concern with sharing trustworthy and scientifically accurate information especially in this period of time, when this is lacking and most necessary. Furthermore, we act on a Socially Responsible basis, in which we measure the impact of our actions and promote sustainable management practices, always aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations Organisation.

Nowadays, structural changes in society and in the work of all institutions are the new norm. However, we want this year to be profoundly marked by impact – in our organisation, services and projects, in our stakeholders and in the Junior Enterprise movement and society in general. For us to reach extremely ambitious results again, we rely on the support of our motivated team, our Alumni Board, our Consultative Councils and our stakeholders, who support us everyday and make it possible that our ambitions become reality.

Guided by LisbonPH’s 7 values and under a common vision and mission, we strongly believe in the impact we can generate. We will continue to challenge ourselves, day after day, to take this cause, so noble and bigger than any of us, to achievements that have never been seen before.

Executive President





For the development of the entrepreneurial, creative and multidisciplinary future Healthcare Professional.


1. Promotion and support of entrepreneurship within the Healthcare sector and the entire community of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon.
2. Promotion of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon.
a) Promotion and support of the scientific investigation.
b) Bringing the students closer to the job market.


1. Commitment;
2. Personal development;
3. Entrepreneurship;
4. Excellence;
5. Proactivity;
6. Professionalism;
7. Social responsibility.