what you need to know to be successful at work


Module 1 - Market yourself to land your dream job

  • Learn how to search for jobs and analyse job adverts;

  • Customize your job application based on your analysis;

  • How to create a well-structured CV;

  • How to write your accompanying letter;

  • Learn how to prepare for an interview and make a great impression on the day.

Module 2 - Align your business objectives with the company's vision and strategy

  • Understand how an organization’s vision is used to create strategies and objectives for the daily work of their employees;

  • Define and learn how to negotiate your own objectives as an employee;

  • Understand what KPIs are and how they are used;

  • Learn how to get feedback from others and how to use it to develop your skills and competencies;

  • Learn how to define and negotiate your own objectives with your manager.

Module 3 - Become a respected and valued team member

  • Understand the personality profile of your stakeholders;
  • Learn about different communication methods;
  • Get the most out of meetings;
  • Learn how to give proper feedback;
  • Understand your span of control;
  • Learn about the escalation process;
  • Learn how to ask for support.

Module 4 - Manage your time and workload for a healthy work-life balance

  • How to assess workload;

  • How to take care of your mental health at work;

  • Get the most out of your working day through effective management of your calendar and emails;

  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance.


- To make the job search and career progress easier;
- To introduce diverse concepts related with all companies;
- To help the trainee make personalized applications to future job vacancies, in such a way that he will stand out as the ideal candidate;
- To get familiarized with commonly used business terms, facilitating and improving communication between new employees and their co-workers;
- Assist the trainee in finding strategies and objectives that meet the company's objectives;
- Provide a set of tools that make a good career management.


- The course is lectured in the Thinkific e-Learning platform in a PowerPoint format which has audio in each slide. The audio script will be available for consultation in order to ensure the monitoring of all the topics covered and that the participant fully understands the voice in each slide;
- The participant will be able to access the training contents at any time of the day until the end of the course, depending solely on their personal availability;
- The participant will not be able to download the training materials, however, they will have access to them until the end of the e-Learning course.

Target audience

The course is aimed at college students and recent graduates who want to streamline their search and application process for the job they want, as well as better manage their career in order to progress in it.


The evaluation of the e-Learning “Business Skills” course is carried out through a final assessment test which has 40 questions that will focus on all the content lectured throughout the e-Learning course. This final assessment test corresponds to 100% of the final grade, requiring a minimum grade of 50% to pass the course and obtain its respective certificate. Tests will also be carried out at the end of each module, which will not be part of the final grade, in order to ensure the monitoring of the subjects taught.


Mark Elsley


  • BSc(Hons) degree in Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of Sheffield, UK;
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information System from the University of West London, UK;
  • Over 30 years experience in Clinical Research;
  • 18 years experience in Management;
  • Worked for large International Pharmaceutical companies including Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk and GSK Vaccines;
  • Has regularly spoken at International Conferences on Clinical Data Management, Clinical Data Systems and People Management;
  • Guest Lecturer on Master’s degree programs in the field of Clinical Research at the University of Cranfield, UK and the University of Siena, Italy;
  • Wrote two books “The Essentials of How to be a Great Manager” and “A Guide to GCP for Clinical Data Management”.


  • Director, Clinical Data Management for the world’s largest Clinical Research Organisation, IQVIA.


A LisbonPH – Junior Enterprise of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon – is a non-profit association founded in December 2013, by a group of entrepreneurial students, dynamic and willing to add value to their personal and professional training. Our vision is “For the development of the Health Professional of the future, entrepreneurial, creative and multidisciplinary” and our mission is to promote and support entrepreneurship in the area of Health and in the entire FFUL community.